About me

I’m Pierpaolo.

I live somewhere in Europe, often surrounded by good friends and food. I’m a software developer with a background in machine learning, even though I haven’t always been that.

As a kid I was fascinated by computers and the creativity they could spark, spending most of my time playing videogames or learning how to use some new editing software. I remember playing Commodore 64 with my sister, or listening for the first time to the alien noises coming out of our new 56k modem. I’m thankful to my family for all of this.

I was also passionate about humanities, so that’s the path I chose for the first part of my life. I graduated in Philosophy and then finally decided to give programming a chance. I didn’t know that my passion could be so strong, and I’m still grateful to everyone I met during that time of my life.

After working in web development, I moved to Edinburgh to study Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Since then my life, my work and my readings have lived in the space between backend development and machine learning engineering. This is where I find my motivation to stare at a screen most of the day.

I like coding, reading books, bouldering and playing improvised theater. These, together with my friends, are my life passions.

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